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My Deviantart account is so convoluted. I'm thinking of cleaning it up. Anyone around that would notice? lololol
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Hey everybody... I don't know how many of you still check my page, but it's been ages since I've uploaded anything. I am pretty much working full time at an animation studio (, and haven't really been able to do anything else but bleed for the company.... I would really like to post some new work soon... or start fresh, i dunno, I'll figure it out one day....
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I'm not dead... Just in the UK.. again, living it up with my cousin, looking for work, partying, and seeing the rest of the fam.

London rocks
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Sooo I've been kind of inactive, and for good reason! I've been working on this game, and its been in crunch time for quite some time. Hopefully when I get finished with I'll have another game to work on. If not then I shall be cranking out some art and throwing it up!!! Awww yeaa... Once the game is launched I'll post artwork too. :juggle:
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here comes the avatar fan art... but everyone knew that was coming, now we just gotta wait for the fanfics...
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I saw avatar friday morning... the story was pretty typical, a lot like that movie dances with wolves (saw that 8th grade, so long). The cgi was incredible. I didn't see it Imax so I'm going to do that again this monday. So for those of you that have seen it, who's your favorite character? Mine is the general... when killin' had to get done he didnt care how he did it... straight up bad ass
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I just started playing Arkham Asylum. I've been waiting for a game like this since I was about 7. It let me do two things in a game that I've always wanted to do... It let me do the hang up side down and grab someone from the ceiling (as batman). I know u could do that in spiderman 2 for ps1 but you get to do it as batman so I'm happy. Secondly, you know how batman always runs at gunfire like its nothing, well I got to have that moment.  I got to take on 2 armed gunmen. I glide kicked one and knocked him out. Then is friend decides to aim at me (while I'm knocking out his buddy), so the second the punch connects I dodge roll out of the way of the bullet, throw a baterang to stun him and then proceeded to knock him the fuck out. I've wanted to do that as batman for about 14 years...
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Just saying for those of you that do have any remote interest in what I do, I just want to say that I am still alive. I've been working on projects and all that good stuff. I also want to start to commissions soon (not just yet but very soon). I'll probably have into up here about that later. So in other news, how is everyone else?
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Amsterdam is over, and I have a week left in london. I'm so broke haha oh well... it was worth every penny, but now I gotta buckle down and get a job, and work on some stuff for the VG Expo in philly.
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Rocks... so... hard...
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So right now im in london, at my uncles house. He's writing a script for a short film he's working on and im stealing his bandwidth doing nothing productive. Gonna be chillin' with my cousin soon. In a week or 2 I'm going to be in amsterdam doing some What Da Fuppets stuff. :shoogerbare: is one of the co-creators of it, you should check it out... it'll change your life...…
CHeck it...
Well i'll try to update when I can...
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I was talking with :iconshoogerbare: about this a few months ago, but now that they've done more I think it's a good enough time to say, I think the new MvC2 art is pretty sucky compared to to the original stuff they had for the game. Udon crew is great and everything but who ever is doing the Marvel vs Capcom 2 stuff... just doesnt make the characters exciting... Maybe its just me...
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Ugh... as many of you can see I haven't really done anything with my deviantart account in a while... Not to worry, I'll be updating my page very soon... I'm workin' on a whole bunch of things right now, but when I'm done hopefully I can get to updating... PEACE SUKAS
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Awwww YEAAAAA Turtles in time... remade in 3d. Dunno when its coming out, but when it is... Oh boy.…
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Freshman year, me and :iconbluetom: said we were gonna have the best capstone (A.K.A senior project) our college has ever scene, and we did it up hard as hell. Every year someone does something awesome, and I believe it was us this year that grabbed the crowds attention. The first good capstone I was was :iconshoogerbare: and his team, actually creating the game development idea and making standees. Then the following year, my friend Japanamike did an entire hand drawn animatic, and :icontim4: did his comic book with an animated show trailer, toy boxes and all that. After that, My other friend Steven Stover, a great comedian threw everyone for a loop when he made a serious presentation, and now doing more comedy and posting it on youtube And then there's Team Overthrow. I gotta thank Daniel cody, our music guy, made banging music, Daniel Spday who programmed the hell outta this game, having sleepless nights, and :iconbluetom: who teamed up with me freshamn year and said we're gonna make something... spectacular... So now we gotta wait to see what the future will bring.
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I bought that game yesterday, and I'm in awe. Me and my friends unlocked every character (except seth that whackass last villain). Every orginal character is incredible. The new ones I think are pretty dull. Crimson Viper is alright but I dont really need to play with her. As I play the game the animations get me sidetracked because they're flawless. They have so much life. I unlocked sakura and all i had to say was my god... This is the game that might make me an avid sakura user. I hate playing it on the 360 controller though because I can't pull of any of my charge attacks. But if you dont have the game, go and get it, its worth every penny.
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So i got the demo to RE5... and I have got to say it's quite incredible... despite the fact that I'm shooting at people that look like relatives. I tried out both Chris, and the other chick, and I have much more fun with her...I hope you can choose in the final version, because doing flash kicks and roundhouses are just too much fun... Aiming is mad slow though (even on the fastest setting), and they seem to give you less ammo than in RE5... And its hard to see the aiming laser thingy unless you're in HD, but you know... its gonna be an awesome game, and CoOp was pretty fun as well. I cant wait for this game to come out.
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So i finally saw speed racer.... Those of you that thought it was a bad movie... do not deserve life. It showed me nirvana... If you have not seen it... go see it...
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So I'm kind of over worked... I havent posted anything in ages... and anything that is posted is for my capstone... Haven't really practiced anything new or whatever... I'm not sure how many people are too interested but ill try and do some stuff eventually... I owe a TON of people drawings that I need to get done... should probably work on that soon *collapses*
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If any of you are into drum and bass, i highly suggest you find and buy the new album by pendulum "In Silico"... its one of the best DnB albums i've ever heard, and i've just had it on repeat for the past 2 days...go get it... but on one reads my journals so this is probably gonna go unnoticed...
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